Kuro Tamago Tea Shop

Egg become tasty when they areslowly boiled and steamed.
Walking along the Owakudani strolling course, about 15 minutes after passing Enmeijizoson, you will arrive at Enmadai, where the air is filled with the smell of sulfur. And at Enmadai you will find Tamago Chaya, a small stand selling Owakudani’s specialty Kuro-tamago. At the hot spring pond just beside the Tamago Chaya, workers called “Mushikata” are continuously making Kuro-tamago, black boiled eggs. Visitors are supposed to eat Kuro-tamago while enjoying the magnificent view of the valley at the “egg stand” located just in front of Tamago Chaya.

It is believed that eating an Owakudani specialty Kuro-tamago prolongs your life by seven years. Aside from Tamago Chaya, you can buy Kuro-tamago at the following souvenir shops at Owakudani:
・Owakudani Kurotamago-kan
・Gokuraku Chaya